Luxury Home Salon

Welcome to Zaytia. Beauty Studio
Your premier gel nails specialist
And lash and brow stylist

I am a boutique home beauty studio with a focus on helping you to look good by feeling good. I aim to deliver a very personalised service in a relaxing, safe and clean environment. I am constantly up-skilling and keeping my finger on the pulse when it comes to whats new in the beauty industry. I love learning new techniques and aim to deliver the highest quality of service.

I am Whangarei’s Gel Nail specialist offering a comprehensive range of gel nail options to suit all nail types and needs from a simple gel polish manicure to long hard gel extensions.
I also offer Nouveau lash extensions, Nouveau LVL lash lifts and HD Brows brows shaping, tinting and laminating with a focus on enhancing your natural look.

I put your nail, lash and brow health above all else and have chosen brands with a focus on health as well as extensive training,

My online booking service makes it easy to fulfil your range of beauty needs in one appointment.

Beauty is an attitude and when you feel good, you look good

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Offering a range of gel manicure, pedicure and extension services including the very popular builder-in-a-bottle or BIAB structured manicure. Find out more…

Offering Nouveau lash services; classic lash extensions and LVL lash lifts and tints which are all certified vegan and cruelty free. Find out more…

Offering HD Brows brow shaping and tinting with cruelty free products. Brow tints are custom mixed and shaping included waxing, threading and tweezing techniques. Find out more…