About me

My name is Zaytia. I specialise in Nails, Lashes and Brows.

I have loved all things beauty and fashion since I was 15 but only took the plunge to turn it into a career when I had my son and decided I would like to be doing something I loved every moment I was away from him. I originally decided to become a makeup artist and trained with The Makeup School in Auckland. Since then I have expanded by training at Monaco Nail Academy and Biosculpture NZ to bring you nail services and with Inspired Beauty to bring you Nouveau lash services and HD Brow services. Until I did my training I was still traveling back to Auckland to see my Lash and Brow people. I struggled to find what I was looking for up here in terms of safe products and brands and a luxury intimate environment. So I trained and brought to you what I was looking for myself.

I have chosen only to offer the selected beauty services I am passionate about and have love for. Nails are a form of expression, a creative outlet and they complete the package of expressing you who are without using words. Lashes and brows enhance your features so you wake up every day to feel groomed, polished and like the person you want to present to the world. I have carefully chosen the brands I use and have trained with with your health and safety in mind. I have chosen to work with high end brands that put a lot into research and development, have their own chemists and factories and have health and hygiene at the forefront of their manufacturing and training programmes.

Beauty comes from being comfortable in your own skin and makeup can help you feel more comfortable. It allows you to express who you are to others from just a glance. They say an image is worth a thousand words, so let’s make that image say everything you want it to. It is a privilege for me to help people portray their personalities and feel confident on important days in their lives.

I am based out of my home studio in Whareora, Whangarei.