These terms and Conditions are a legal agreement between you “The Client” and Zaytia Makeup Artist. By making a booking with Zaytia Makeup Artist you are agreeing to the terms and conditions. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions do not engage the services of Zaytia Makeup Artist.

A 50% non-refundable booking deposit is required to confirm your booking and is payable within 3 working days of booking confirmation. Late bookings (within 7 days of booking date, or 30 days for bridal) require a 100% non-refundable booking deposit. The Clients booking is only confirmed once your deposit is paid. Your date and time will only be reserved once payment is observed. Full Payment is required before your confirmed booking date by bank transfer/cash deposit by the date included in invoice. Zaytia Makeup Artist does not accept cash payment on the day.  The person who made the booking is the person responsible for payment. Bookings which require flights, accommodation, transport or parking services require such related costs to be paid in full along with the 50% deposit so travel services can be booked as promptly as possible. If The Client does not pay the amount owed Zaytia Makeup Artist reserves the right to take legal action and to terminate your right to book with her.

Travel Services
Zaytia Makeup Artist is able to travel to most locations. Accommodation may be required for one night when travel for 3 or more hours each way is required. Accommodation fees are POA based on location and accessibility. Zaytia Makeup Artist will book any accommodation, flights or travel required at her discretion. Travel costs may include flights, accommodation, transport, parking and meals. These costs are to be paid for by the client in advance of the booking along with the 50% deposit to secure the booking. Any required changes in flights or related travel expenses are at The Clients expense.

Booking Times and Late Arrival
Booking required after hours (Before 8am or after 6pm) will incur a fee, POA. All persons are required to be available for their scheduled start time. All bookings must be at a single location and done in consecutive order with no gaps (other than work breaks for Zaytia Makeup Artist) unless otherwise agreed in writing.

If you are more than 15 minutes late for your appointment your booking may be cancelled and NO refund will be given. Zaytia Makeup Artist will have the final call as to whether or not the booking will still go ahead.

In the event of the makeup artist not attending (due to unforeseen circumstance) a FULL refund will be given and deposited within 10 working days of the cancellation.
If the client cancels within 7 days (or 90 days for Bridal) there will be no refund. Zaytia Makeup Artist will have turned away other work in that time frame and loss of income will have to be covered.
If the client cancels given more than 7 days (or 90 days for Bridal) a refund of 50% of the total booking will be given (excluding any travel costs already paid for and non-refundable). Bookings MAY be transferable at the discretion of Zaytia Makeup Artist.
To make a cancellation within 72 hours of your booking please call or text Zaytia Makeup Artist on 021 0296 2735. Do NOT leave a voicemail or email. For 72 hours or more email or text message is acceptable.

Refusal of Service
Zaytia Makeup Artist reserves the right to refuse service if unsafe or unsanitary conditions exist and/or contagious infections (conjunctivitis, cold sores etc), sickness or illness are present. There shall be no refund given.

Client Satisfaction
Refunds are not available on completed services. If you are not happy with your service discuss this before the booking ends. Acceptance of the complete makeup application is acknowledgement by The Client that Zaytia Makeup Artist has completed the makeup to satisfaction. Please be aware that most dissatisfaction come things outside Zaytia Makeup Artists control; the client was late and therefore we are short on time, does not have the same bone structure as the image they have provided, did not disclose skin conditions etc.

The Client agrees to release Zaytia Makeup Artist from any liability if any skin complications occur due to an allergic reaction. You are legally obliged to disclose any skin conditions, sicknesses or illnesses before Zaytia Makeup Artist begins working on you. Zaytia Makeup Artist reserves the right to refuse to work on any client deemed unsafe to apply makeup on. Zaytia Makeup Artist always ensures brushes tools and makeup products are cleaned and sanitised to a high standard between every makeup application. If you have any queries or concerns Zaytia Makeup Artist will run you through her rigorous hygiene routine.

If you have any contagious skin issues (coldsores, conjunctivitis, styes etc) come up within 24 hours of your makeup application you are required to contact Zaytia Makeup Artist and let her know so all tools and products used on you can be disposed of depending on best practise.

Any damage to Zaytia Makeup Artists kit or tools that are not caused by Zaytia Makeup Artist will be charged in full to the client.

On Location
Safe parking is required for Zaytia Makeup Artist close to the location. If there will be no parking available or there will be a charge for parking Zaytia Makeup Artist must be informed prior to the booking and cost of arrangements made to be covered by The Client.

A medium to large  table is required for use by Zaytia Makeup Artist to set up on. This must be near either ample natural light or a working power socket.


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We keep your personal information private and secure. The information you give us is used only to process your requested services and personalise your experience.

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